Friday, August 29, 2014


Hi there, it's me again!

I'm here to announce the winners from this giveaway:
$10 JoAnn Gift Card - Melissa
$20 Home Goods Gift Card - Susan T
Paisley Press Pillow - Melissa AND Susan T - because you are the only two who commented!
I'll be in touch to get details about where to send your winnings.
Congratulations and good night everyone!
Have a great weekend...
~ M ~

Ruh Roh!

Hello and happy Friday to all of you loyal readers!
I am writing to let you know that things have come to a screeching halt here at Paisley Press because I am down to one (sore!) hand and one useful finger on the other hand.
I was in a car accident yesterday and while both my hands are sore, my right hand (my dominant hand) is mangled: jammed, swollen, either badly sprained or broken (still awaiting x-ray results). The rest of my body is a little worse for wear, too, some burns and bruises. But I am whole and that's what really thankful.
My car? Not so much. Poor baby has seen it's last mile.
And my creating? Temporarily halted until healing has occurred. So...this may be a picture heavy blog for awhile.
I haven't forgotten that today is drawing day and I'm getting that done. I'll repost tonight with the winners. I think you might  know who you are!
Be back soon.
~ M ~

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Community Supported Agriculture

If you're lucky enough to live in or near a rural area, you might want to look into whether there are opportunities to participate in CSA near you.

CSA is Community Supported Agriculture. It's become a popular way for people to buy local, seasonal food directly from a farmer. There are several advantages to buying food from a CSA, among them:
  • locally grown food tastes better - it's fresher
  • locally grown food retains more nutrients - it reaches you soon after harvest
  • locally grown food doesn't contain GMOs - they're only licensed to factory farms
  • locally grown food is better for the environment - no trucking produce cross country
  • locally grown food supports people who live in your community
from Pinterest

There's a CSA in a town near us called The Farmer's Daughter. They have several dates and sites at which they drop their produce boxes in town for customers to pick up. The Farmer's Daughter offers different size options for their produce boxes and even allows customers to 'customize' their selections for a small additional charge.
In addition to produce, The Farmer's Daughter sells fresh and dried herbs, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, handmade soap and so much more. I think we might have to try a few deliveries from The Farmer's Daughter. It seems not only a healthier option for eating, but a beneficial relationship for everyone who participates, too.

from Pinterest
 And fear not, if you should run into a strange looking, perhaps odd smelling vegetable in your CSA delivery, there's always the internet. Just google  'what exactly can I do with a pound of <insert strange name here>'? You might be surprised to learn just how versatile some vegetables can be!
So CSA - it's a good thing. And if I can't live on a farm, at least I can eat like I do!
~ M ~

Monday, August 25, 2014


What a weekend! It flew by - do you feel the same?
Time always seems to fly by, though, and the time I imagine it will take to finish projects is never long enough. I think I need some creative time management skills. As in 'how long does it actually take to complete a new design/project from start to finish'? It's just difficult to calculate. On top of that, I've figured out that the first prototype I create is almost never what the final product looks  like.

That's why I'm writing about patchwork today, rather than all of the inventory in my etsy store.

patch·work (pách wùrk)
1) patches sewn together; needlework in which pieces of fabric are sewn together in a decorative way
2) mixture: something made up of many different parts
I started sewing a bunch of pieces of fabric together this weekend - remnants of projects, scraps from clothing, and bits and squares from vintage fabric pieces I've hoarded collected throughout the years. I had no plan, because I usually just wing it, and so far, it's turning out rather well. I have no idea what this patchwork will turn into - a pillow or pillows, a quilt top, a table runner, a basket liner? I'm waiting for a sign...

In terms of other projects, I managed to make ONE pillow cover this past weekend, in my beloved ticking (red-and-white!). It's cotton, a nice weight, machine washable, and gets softer with use. I try to use feather/down pillows whenever I can, I like the slouchy, soft, nap-able quality they have. I'm not sure if this pillow's ready for it's debut in the shop yet...I need to let it sit for awhile longer.

I also upcycled some plates this weekend, turning them into mini chalkboards; I added the 'menu' label to dress them up an extra little bit. They're simple and very fun to write most chalk boards. You should try it. They'll be in the etsy shop soon, so you can. I also designed a few things for kitchen organization/prettification; they'll be making an appearance here and in the shop soon, too.

The handsome fellow in the picture above is Penner who also acts as a photography 'assistant' on occasion. He found his way into our backyard one day and has never left. He's happy to greet every human who ventures into his territory; he doesn't feel at all the same about his fellow felines.
And last but not's Giveaway time!
There are three prizes to win:
1.) One $10 gift card to JoAnn
2.) One $20 gift card to Home Goods
3.) One pillow of your choice from the Paisley Press etsy store
All you need to do to enter is leave a comment on this post. I'll draw names from the comments to determine winners. If you want to leave a comment as Anonymous, please be sure to leave a name in the body of the comment so I'll know who I'm gifting. The giveaway closes at 5 pm Pacific time on Thursday, August 28. Winner(s) will be announced Friday, August 29. 
Good luck!
~ M ~

Friday, August 22, 2014

Going Forward

From Pinterest
Did anybody show up Tuesday? I apologize for not being here...just a few last minute changes that couldn't be completed in time. But now I'm back on the interwebs, managing my little digital corner of the world.

So...Paisley Press. It's different, huh? I feel so good about the direction; I hope you feel the same.
While I was gone, I didn't get nearly as much done as I hoped to. I did a lot of thinking...about this blog and my life and my bank account. It's all important stuff. Here's a bit of what I thought...

I'm interested in home and family and small spaces and lots of light and easy maintenance and happy colors. I want my house home to feel comfortable and welcoming and happy from the moment people walk in the door. I want shoes off and feet up and blankets and pillows and naps and fun and comfortable. I'd LOVE a kitchen like the aspirational one in the picture above. I want people to visit and never want to leave.  

I, like almost everyone I know, am on a budget. I, like everyone else I know, need to earn an income. So I'm going to try to decorate my farmhouse by helping others decorate theirs. That's just a complicated way of saying I'm going to start focusing more on home goods in this blog and in my etsy store. I'm going to create things that I'd like to live with and offer them for sale to others who might want to enjoy them, too. 
To me, farmhouse decorating isn't just one look; there are fancy farmhouses, rustic farmhouses, modern farmhouses, romantic farmhouses, and patriotic farmhouses. I think there are a few things all farmhouses, however, have in common: wood furniture and floors (both natural and painted), comfortable accessories, a lack of shiny surfaces, and great spaces to gather.

I'm just starting out with a few products: pillows, kitchen stuff, signs, and monograms. Wait...what? I didn't mention the monograms? They don't seem 'farmhouse' to you? Well I'm here to convert the world - a monogram for every farmhouse! Or at least a few napkins, table runners, and pillows.
So that's where we're headed: less paper, more pillows; less glue stick more gingham; less there, more here...
Home Sweet Home

Glad to be back.
~ M ~

P.S.  More to come - the etsy store and giveaways on Monday!